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Welcome to Michael and Susie's Web Page!

This page set up for family and friends to enjoy. If you are a guest, perhaps you will find something of interest and you are welcome!

Who is Jack? He is our grandson!

Michael is just having fun playing with the Dreamweaver web design program. He must have some time on his hands .. when he is not working on his Marx Tinplate display and operating layout .. or racing his radio controlled off road and on road trucks, buggies, pan cars and touring cars .. or playing with his Nintendos or Playstation .. or working on his 1973 FJ40 Landcruiser .. which he is customizing .. along with his 1986 Military Ambulance!

Hmm...did we forget to mention the house and yard work! Maybe we shouldn't.

Anyway .. Enjoy!!!!!

Wedding Photo

June 20, 1970

We were really that young once?

Celebrated our 50th Anniversary

June 20, 2020!!

Click 50th Anniversary Hearts Necklace to see video of our life with each other,
with family, and with friends .. from our Marriage in 1970
to our 50th Wedding Anniversary in 2020!

50th Anniversary Necklace


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