Jack Stamp
Let Me Sleep
Little Jack
Stamp Jack
Jack is less than a month old. The picture on the right is the one used for the U.S. postage stamps we had made up.
Grammy June
Gramma June
Ohh .. says little Jack
I'm the "Man" for sure!
Aunt Maxie
Cousin Janet and Jack
Great Aunt Maxie and Jack. He was hungry!
Wow! Wonder what he sees?
Jack waving .. Hmm
These are my toes!
2 Easter Bunnies
Firecracker Jack
Sunshine Jack
Parade Jack
"Firecracker" Jack
Jack soaking up some rays .. with SPF80 for sure!
Jack watching parade in Sandpoint
Jack's Bath
Erik's Birthday
Jack in his walker.
What fun! A bath in the sink! Why is that face there?
"Your candles look scary Daddy."
Pumpkin Patch
Jack and the pumpkins.
Jack and Erik at Pumpkin Patch .. Really big flower!
Jack is ready for Halloween!
Birthday Cake
Birthday Hat
Birthday Napkin
Jack and Santa
Jack loves the cake!
Jack .. Birthday Prince
Jack's 1st Birthday Napkin
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