1986 K30 Chevrolet Wheeled Coach
Military Field Ambulance

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Michael needed something to replace the Landcruiser he has had for over 20 years and is now being re-built with custom features to sell. Naturally he couldn't have a normal truck .. so .. he bought the Ambulance! Ha!! Figures! Well ... he customizing it with some "hot rod" like features and some personal touches! Yes .. this will be the last "unusual" rig he drives! Too bad he can't fit it in his garage!

The flyer above shows what the original Ambulance looked like when new from the Wheeled Coach factory.
"Dragon" side
"Wizard" side

Closer View of Dragon and Wizard artwork and opaque decals on wind wings.

Auto Clipper Pic
My K30 Ambulance featured in an issue of the local Auto Clipper on August 12, 2016.

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