Michael's FJ40 was bought in May of 1992. Michael races radio controlled trucks and cars .. so for the club sponsored Stock Nationals in the Summer of 2000, Michael decided to paint his 'cruiser' to look like a radio controlled truck .. complete with numbers, sponsor names, and more.  It was a big hit!! The racers loved it! The crazy thing was .. that he did it with 'rattle cans'. Did we use the word 'Crazy' yet? Haha!
May 1992
Summer 2000

Ok then .. so where is the famous FJ40 now? Well .. Michael has it at a private shop where some custom work is being done and a ton of rust is being removed. It will be repainted, reassembled and finally sold to someone who might enjoy 20+ years of fun just as Michael did.

It will feature a new Aluminum Tub and Cowl Section, a 9500# electric winch, custom front and rear bumpers with shackles, sunroof, high rise steer kit, power steering and brakes, tilt steering column with a red and black grant leather covered steering wheel, custom steel half doors, bikini top, old school aluminum turbine style rims, stainless exhaust system. custom gauges, all new wiring, and much more!!

Yes .. this was his daily driver. You would think he could own a normal rig like everyone else. He always has to be different. Ha!!

In High School .. everyone drove 50s Chevys, Fords, and so on. So what did he drive? He spent $75 on a 1936 Dodge with dual side mounts, mohair upholstery, back window shade, front roll out window and suicide doors!! Had to be different even back then! Maybe we should post pics of that very cool Dodge. It really was a great car and a lot of fun for everyone!

So what did he get to replace the Landcruiser? Click here ....... K30.

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